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IDinsight’s five most-read blogs of 2022

30 December 2022

Photo by Luba Ertel on Unsplash

As we close out this year, we reflect on some of our highlights from the past twelve months. This includes our IDeas blog, which we hope has helped readers gain ideas and insights, learn data collection tips, or see their work in a new light. Below, we share a round-up of the five most viewed blogs of 2022 – from improving decisions about evidence to understanding the gender dynamic of surveyor work.


How is the survey gig going? Understanding the gender dynamics of surveyor work in India

“We set out to survey some of our surveyors to understand gender-based barriers that exist in data collection.” –  IDinsight Senior Field  Manager,  Lipika Biswal 

In India, we have noticed that even though we have conducted surveys with all-female surveyor teams or attempted to hire a gender-balanced mix of surveyors, our overall surveyor force is predominantly male. The result of a passion project, in their blog, Lipika Biswal and Mitali Mathur share findings that they hope will be helpful to enhance the diversity, equity, and inclusion of surveyors at IDinsight and other organizations.


7 pieces of wisdom for building a great monitoring dashboard

More than just a visual display of data, dashboards are tools that drive key decisions for improving program implementation in the social sector. But building a dashboard is more complex than throwing together some charts of your indicators; there is a structured approach to it. In this blog, Tanmay Verma offers seven pieces of wisdom to help you build great dashboards.


What works to support teen mothers to return to school: Lessons from Kenya

Some 13,000 Kenyan girls drop out of school every year due to pregnancy, and the COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated teenage pregnancy as schools closed, and movement was restricted. Most teen mothers are unlikely to return to school, affecting their long-term educational, economic, and health outcomes. In their blog, Grace Muriithi, Rachel LuSava, and Valentina Brailovskaya share findings from a rapid literature review on supporting teen mothers to return to school in Kenya.


Improving decisions about evidence: IDinsight’s new Value of Information work

We often assume that research is worth its cost – but how much can we actually expect social impact to improve based on new information? In this blog, IDinsight’s Value of Information team shares a methodology to assess the likelihood of whether new evidence or information would lead to more social impact.


It’s a wrap, my 10 years at IDinsight India.

“When I joined IDinsight, I was the only employee based out of India. Ten years hence, 175 past and present IDinsighters have experienced IDinsight India as their professional home.” –  IDinsight Co-Founder and Board Director, Ronald Abraham

In June 2022, IDinsight co-founder Ron Abraham moved on to new adventures after a decade with the organization. Over the course of ten years and three months, Ron was instrumental in building our presence in India. In this blog, he shares his reflections and learning from his time at IDinsight.