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Team Spotlight: Kasamba Mukonde

Kasamba and her family. ©Baby Zambia & Photography

The IDinsight early infant diagnosis team. ©IDinsight
  1. 1. The Administrative Lead assists the Southern Africa Regional Director and other staff with a variety of administrative tasks to facilitate IDinsight Zambia operations.
  2. 2. Advice for focus group discussions (FGDs) from Lima Links • After introductions ensure the group understands the reason for your visit: otherwise you will not get the desired results. • Start with an icebreaker to make people comfortable. • Make the FGD interactive. • Watch out for the dormant/silent people in the group and find a way of making them participate in the discussions. • Watch out for people that want their opinion to always be right hence influencing others to say the same things. • Do not ask the questions in a leading way. • Never suggest responses to the group. • Write as many notes as you can, including any other details that occur during the discussion. • When you are using a recorder to record the FGDs always ensure you first record yourself mentioning the name, location, and number of the FGD. This is helpful to differentiate FGDs if you are doing a number of them on the same day using the one recorder.