Aide à la conception et au diagnostic de programme

Program Diagnosis & Design Support: This service includes several activities that IDinsight might conduct to support the use of evidence in programmatic decisions.

  • Diagnosis: Critical assessment of the status quo that yields hypotheses about main causes of poor outcomes. This will always include theory of change development and can also include gathering qualitative or quantitative data on program implementation, key stakeholder interests, the needs of potential beneficiaries, and evidence review.

  • Program design: Helping clients to develop and refine service(s) to address a problem of interest among a target population. This will follow a diagnosis, and will recommend actions the client should take to address causes of poor outcomes. It might involve further stakeholder interviews, observations, data analysis, evidence review, ideation, critical thinking and then rapid prototyping of ideas. It is often followed by an impact evaluation or a process evaluation.

A farmer who participated in the iDE Farm Business Advisor program in Zambia.

A farmer who participated in the iDE Farm Business Advisor program in Zambia.

iDE Zambia: In early 2015, IDinsight conducted a situational assessment of iDE Zambia’s Farm Business Advisor (FBA) program to identify strengths, challenges, and areas of opportunity. Based on the results, iDE and IDinsight developed an intervention to enable FBAs to earn an income by helping horticulture farmers access improved markets and reduce the transaction costs of selling vegetables on the open market.

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