Évaluation de processus

Process Evaluations: Process evaluations systematically, empirically describe what happens during and after program implementation, then carefully compare this description to ex ante expectations in the implementation plan and theory of change. Process evaluations can serve an audit or accountability function by examining whether planned program operations and achievements have taken place. They also serve a learning function by updating the theory of change and informing a client about where in a theory of change decisions and actions are warranted and may provide insight about what these decisions should be.

Client: Pratham District Institutes of Education and Training (DIET)

Service: Pratham ran workshops to train pre-service teachers in India to teach students at the right level. They sought IDinsight’s help in supplying insights into how the workshops were implemented, what participants learned, and how participants felt about what they learned. IDinsight developed a theory of change of how the trainings might lead to improved teacher practices. In four states, IDinsight used unstructured observations of the trainings, semi-structured interviews with participants and implementers, and post-training quizzes with participants and compared the findings to the theory of change. This allowed IDinsight to make recommendations that strengthened the program.

A pre-service teacher teaches a class in Chhattisgarh.

A pre-service teacher teaches a class in Chhattisgarh.

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