Machine Learning

Machine Learning: At its most basic level, machine learning involves creating algorithms that can be trained using existing data to make predictions or classifications on unseen data. In this definition, algorithms refer to a variety of predictive functions, including regression (including regularized regression), decision tree models, clustering techniques, and neural networks. The data used in these projects may differ from other IDinsight projects, going beyond survey and administrative data, to include “Big Data” sources such as images, satellite imagery, text data, and mobile phone records. (8).jpg

Educate Girls: IDinsight built a series of machine learning algorithms that take in Educate Girls' existing survey data and combine it with government administrative data to predict the number of out-of-school girls in every village in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The objective of this analysis was to locate out-of-school girls for Educate Girls' programming without having to conduct resource-intensive door-to-door surveys.

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