Alice Redfern

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Leads a range of health and health-economic work, with a commitment to increasing IDinsight’s visibility and impact within East Africa.

Alice is a Manager at IDinsight, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Alice manages the execution of a range of projects at IDinsight in East Africa. She is currently managing a large-scale study of the preferences of recipients of top charities, to directly inform GiveWell’s cost-effectiveness model. She has previously led a study of misdiagnosis rates for pneumonia across health facilities in Tanzania, in collaboration with Results for Development and the Government of Tanzania.

Prior to joining IDinsight, Alice completed her training as a clinical doctor in the UK. She took time out from studying to gain experience managing an RCT and cost-effectiveness study for a parenting programme to prevent child abuse in South Africa. She has also researched gender differences in access to health care with the George Institute of Global Health and worked for several years as a research assistant for the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, Oxford University.

Alice holds a BA in Medical Sciences and a BMBCH (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) from Oxford University.

List of Projects

Selected Publications

  • “Decision-focused evaluations: Generating evidence to inform the scale-up of the Zambian social cash transfer programme, African Development Perspectives” (with Alison Connor). AFIDEP, October 3, 2018. (Article)

  • “Cost and cost-effectiveness of a parenting programme to prevent violence against adolescents in South Africa” BMJ Global Health, in press. (Article)

  • “Parenting for Lifelong Health: a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial of a non-commercialised parenting programme for adolescents and their families in South Africa” (with L. D Cluver, F. Meinck, J. I Steinert, Y. Shenderovich, J. Doubt, R. Herrero Romero, C.  J Lombard, C. L Ward, & al.). BMJ Global Health, January 31, 2018. (Article)

  • “Sex differences in the awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension in China: a systematic review with meta-analyses” (with R. Luo, Y. Cheng, C. Li, J. Wang, C. Anderson, H. Wang, R. Norton). Hypertension Research, December 6, 2018. (Article)

  • “Reducing child abuse amongst adolescents in low- and middle-income countries: A pre-post trial in South Africa” (Lucie Cluver, Franziska Meinck, Alexa Yakubovich, Jenny Doubt, & al.). BMC Public Health, July 13, 2016. (Article)