Dan Stein

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Lead IDinsight's team of economists, with a passion for conducting high-quality research that matters.

Dan Stein is the Chief Economist at IDinsight and a Partner, based in the US.

As Chief Economist, Dan is responsible for setting and maintaining technical standards throughout the organization, developing exciting new projects and partnerships, and helping manage our team of technical experts. Dan likes digging deep into the details of projects, and therefore is the primary Economist on a number of specific IDinsight engagements. He is especially passionate about agricultural technology adoption, rural development, nutrition, and climate change mitigation.

Prior to IDinsight, Dan was an Economist at the World Bank, where he specialized in agriculture and forestry impact evaluations. Dan holds a PhD in Economics from the London School of Economics, where he researched agricultural micro-insurance.

Selected Publications


  • "Welfare impacts of an entry-level solar home system in Uganda", (2017). Journal of Development Effectiveness. Joint with A. Chen, J. Fischer, A. Fraker, N. Shah, S. Shirrell. (gatedungated)

  • "Weather Insurance Savings Accounts", (2016) J. Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance Issues Pract. Joint with J. Tobacman. (gatedungated)

  • "Dynamics of Demand for Rainfall Index Insurance: Evidence from a Commercial Product in India”, (2016) The World Bank Economic Review. (gatedungated)

  • "Dynamics of Demand for Index Insurance: Evidence from a Long-Run Field Experiment", (2014) The American Economic Review (Papers and Proceedings). Joint with S. Cole and J. Tobacman. (gatedungated)

  • "Crop Microinsurance: Tackling Poverty, One Insurance Policy at a Time", (2014)  Annals of Actuarial Science. Joint with A. Mookerjee, D. Clarke, D. Grenham, J. Sharpe. (gated)

  • "The effectiveness of micro-insurance in helping small-holders manage weather-related risks", (2012) EPPI-Centre, Social Science Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London. Joint with S. Cole, X. Gine, G. Bastian, J. Oliver, S. Vyas, C. Wendel. (ungated)

Working Papers

  • "Field Comparisons of Incentive-Compatible Preference Elicitation Techniques", joint with S. Cole, N. Fernando, and J. Tobacman. Revise and Resubmit. (draft)

  • "Access and Adoption of Hybrid Seeds: Evidence from Uganda", joint with N. Axmann, T. Fischer, K. Keller, K. Leiby,  and P. Wang. Revise and Resubmit. (draft)

  • "What drives smallholder farmers’ willingness to pay for a new farm storage technology? Evidence from an Experimental Auction in Kenya", joint with H. Channa, J. Ricker-Gilbert. Revise and Resubmit. (draft)

  • "Learning from Experience and Learning from Others", joint with F. Kondylis, M. Jones, M. Mobarak. (draft)

  • "Formal Insurance Against Weather Shocks: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in India", joint with J. Tobacman, V. Shah, L.Litvine, S. Cole, R. Chattopadhyay. (draft)

  • "Agricultural input subsidies, credit constraints and aid expectations: evidence from Haïti", joint with J. Gignoux and K. Macours. [Under Revision]

  • "Commitment, Mental Accounting, and Agricultural Investment: Evidence from Rwanda", joint with Florence Kondylis and Maria Jones. [Under Revision]

In the Pipeline (selected projects)

  • How much are customers willing to pay for hermetic crop storage bags in Kenya?

  • Can a cash transfers improve productivity for coffee farmers in Uganda?

  • What is the necessary cash incentive to ensure that mothers give their children the measles vaccination in Nigeria?

  • Will co-management schemes decrease unsustainable coastal fishing practices in Vietnam?

  • Can a call center plus SMS deliver extension services to coffee farmers in Mozambique?

  • Can the "Rapid Results" framework improve nutrition in Nepal?