Doug Johnson

Leads IDinsight's India Education portfolio.

Doug Johnson is a Director based out of Bangalore, India. Doug manages a portfolio of projects focused on education and innovative methods for data collection and evaluation. As a part-time Technical Team member, Doug trains, manages, and mentors other Technical Team members. Previously, Doug served as IDinsight's India Regional Director, leading all aspects of IDinsight's India strategy, operations, and growth from 2016 to 2018 as IDinsight India grew from 17 staff to over 50.

Prior to joining IDinsight, Doug has held positions at USAID, Abt Associates, the World Bank, UIDAI, Accenture, and Arby's and has worked on projects in financial inclusion, health, identity, and social protection.

Doug holds an AA degree from Simon's Rock College, a BA in Political Science from Rice University, and an MPA in International Development (MPA/ID) from Harvard Kennedy School.

Selected Publications

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