Nicholas Parker

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Works with the CEO on strategy, management, and special projects.

Nicholas Parker is the Chief of Staff at IDinsight, based in the United States.

In his role as Chief of Staff, Nick works directly with IDinsight's CEO to develop and coordinate IDinsight's strategy, contribute to organizational management, and execute on special projects. His work has included developing a system to measure IDinsight's impact, overhauling how information is shared with the organization, building a org-wide Standard Operating Procedure, contributing to the construction of new recruiting processes, and updating our org management systems. He has also worked as a client-facing team member, working on five projects across southern, eastern, and western Africa and South America.

Prior to joining IDinsight, Nick was in a program with the US Department of State, where he worked on economic development and intelligence projects in Eastern Europe and in Washington, DC. Before that, he worked in South America for an education company and interned in politics and economic development. He has also worked as a biological researcher, commercial fisherman, and professional drummer.

Nick holds a bachelor's degree in Public Policy with a specialization in Economics from the University of Chicago, where he graduated Student Marshal, Phi Beta Kapa, and with honors.

List of Projects

  • ELMA Foundation: strategy consulting to help the foundation develop their processes for using data and evidence with their grantees; based in South Africa and Zambia.

  • GiveDirectly: internal research project employing a Randomized Controlled Trial; based in Uganda.

  • Development Impact Bond for Kangaroo Mother Care: collected data and helped design the financial structure for a Development Impact Bond; based in Cameroon.

  • iDE Farming Business Advisor: created a new data-driven management system to enable more successful interactions between Business Advisors and farmers; based in Zambia.

  • GiveCrypto: strategy consulting to provide data and implementation advice on a new service.