Can Machine Learning Double Your Social Impact?

Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) | February 2019

Can machine learning double your social impact? IDinsight's Ben Brockman, Andrew Fraker, Jeff McManus, and Buddy Shah discuss “what it takes to successfully deploy machine learning tools for social good,” citing IDinsight's and Educate Girls' work locating out-of-school girls.

We are excited about the potential for machine learning in the broader development sector, because there are many other prediction applications that will allow NGOs and governments to provide better healthcare, education, and other services. Where the data and operating environments allow it, machine learning applications can help organizations that face prevention and data-void problems drastically improve their efficiency today. And in the longer term—if the social sector answers the call to invest in better data collection in more places—we believe machine learning can live up to the hype and become an even more powerful tool to improve billions of lives.

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