Lilian Lehmann

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Leads IDinsight's Southeast Asia growth, with a keen focus on positioning IDinsight for global impact.

Lilian is the Regional Director for IDinsight's Southeast Asia office, located in Manila, Philippines. She has over a decade of experience living and working internationally across a dozen countries in Asia and East Africa.

Having launched the IDinsight Manila office in 2017, Lilian drives its regional growth strategy, leads client development efforts, oversees the project portfolio, and manages the Manila based team. Lilian first joined IDinsight in Kenya in 2015, where she spearheaded a 2.5 year Learning Partnership with UNICEF WASH teams in Kenya and the Philippines, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. As part of this engagement she oversaw several impact evaluations, on child nutrition, sanitation and hand-washing behavior interventions.

Prior to IDinsight Lilian was responsible monitoring and evaluation for the Clinton Health Access Initiative’s global vaccines program, based in Tanzania. She also spent 3 years with Innovation for Poverty Actions in Kenya, initiating and managing the international expansion of the Dispensers for Safe Water program. As part of this she designed and supported partnerships and pilots in Haiti, Uganda, Bangladesh, India, and Swaziland.

Lilian holds a B.A in Comparative Literature with Honors, and a concentration in Peace & Conflict studies from Haverford College. She holds a Masters in Law & Diplomacy from the Fletcher School at Tufts University and a Masters in International Affairs from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Lilian speaks German, Portuguese, and conversational French.

Selected Publications

  • "Can Child-Focused Sanitation and Nutrition Programming Improve Health Practices and Outcomes? Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial in Kitui County, Kenya" (with Gerishom Gimaiyo, Matt Yarri, Shiva Singh, Andrew Trevett, Grainne Moloney, Ann Robins, and Jeff McManus). BMJ Global Health 2019;4:e000973. (Article)

  • “From Proof to Impact” (with Katherine Hoffmann). Stanford Social Innovation Review, December 5, 2013. (Article)

  • “Effectiveness of Chlorine Dispensers in Emergencies: Case Study Results from Haiti, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Senegal” (with Travis M. Yates, Elise Armitage, Ariel J. Branz and Daniele S. Lantagne). Environmental Science & Technology, March 12, 2015, 49 (8), pp 5115 - 5122, DOI: 10.1021/acs.est.5b00309. (Article)

  • '“Chlorination of drinking water in emergencies: a review of knowledge to develop recommendations for implementation and research needed” (with Ariel Branz, Matthew Levine, Andy Bastable, Syed Imran Ali , Khalid Kadir, Travis Yates, David Bloom, Daniele Lantagne). Practical Action Publishing, January 1, 2017. (Article)