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Capacity building

Improving clients’ ability to demand, use, and generate evidence.

1 June 2021
Capacity building bolsters clients’ skills and knowledge to strategically use evidence and data to meet their goals.

Why capacity building?

Governments, non-profit organizations, and multilateral agencies often express their need for additional training and support to incorporate data and evidence into their decision-making. At IDinsight, capacity building1 is often a critical component of our extended, tailored Learning Partnerships.

IDinsight’s approach is one of co-creation and collaboration. We tailor our training and support to meet clients’ needs, working within their time and budget constraints.

Our work ranges from light-touch support to help clients interpret evaluation results, to intensive training on using monitoring systems, to support with hiring, and beyond. We often work closely with clients to identify their most pressing capacity needs. We go beyond one-off workshops to design opportunities for real-world, on-the-job skill-building.

Featured project:

As a part of our two-year engagement with UNICEF in the Philippines, IDinsight provided clients with the knowledge and skill-building to become consumers and demanders of evidence, empowering them to make data-driven decisions about the design, implementation, and management of their programs.

  1. 1. The terms “capacity building” and “capacity strengthening” have a complex history, and are imperfect labels for the services we offer. We strongly believe that a broad range of knowledge and skills have value and recognize our partners have high-level technical skills from which we can learn. However, we use these familiar terms so clients and funders are aware that we offer skill-building, on-the-job training, adult learning workshops, and other services around specialized expertise that may be useful to some clients.