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Process evaluation

1 June 2021
Process evaluations can help decision-makers understand if their program is running as expected.

Why process evaluation?

Process evaluations can serve our clients as an audit or accountability function. They help to examine whether planned program operations and achievements have taken place in accordance with an organization’s expectations. They help teams interrogate their theory of change to glean insights about where it may need to be updated and which decisions/actions should be enacted to achieve their goals.

Typically we would deploy a process evaluation to investigate whether aspects of a program are working as planned. We have seen it help clients identify which areas need close monitoring, or anticipate whether a program will run smoothly when scaled up, or to determine if a program is running well before an impact evaluation is carried out.

Featured projects:

In India, IDinsight developed a theory of change for Pratham District Institutes of Education and Training (DIET) to show how training could lead to improved teacher practices in states with the program. And in Zambia, IDinsight’s team helped Farm to Market Alliance construct a theory of change for a program training farmers on post-harvest handling and storage practices.