Understanding when, where, and how to use data is complex.

IDinsight is on-site with our clients to translate data into actionable insights. We provide rigorous evidence to improve social sector programs and help clients understand how to use data to inform decisions large and small, within time, budget, operational, and political constraints.

Every IDinsight engagement is anchored to three principles:

  • Impact: What is the probability that this work will improve lives?

  • Demand: What are the client's highest priority questions?

  • Causality: What else could have/would have happened in the absence of this program?

Work with Us

We typically partner with clients in one of three ways:


Client engagements may include just one of IDinsight’s services, or it may include many.

Our teams begin with a careful diagnosis of a client’s most pressing questions and a recommendation on how to how best to answer them to achieve maximum impact within the engagement’s specific context.  

Our services include:

Learn more about how our Innovation Team contributes to these services here.

Banner Photo: A school-going girl completes the ASER evaluation as part of IDinsight’s evaluation of the world’s first Development Impact Bond. Credit: Ryan Fauber

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