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Gender equity

We help partners advance gender equity through the use of data and evidence.

Unless designed with a gender lens, economic, labour, and social protection policies can present challenges for marginalized groups, especially women and girls.

By striving for gender-sensitive research practices across a vast majority of projects, IDinsight seeks to advance gender equity and specifically women’s economic empowerment (WEE) by contributing to the development, implementation, and evaluation of sound, economic, labour, and social protection policies that can eventually also be gender transformative.

To help expand equal opportunities for all people, especially girls and women, we seek to establish new partnerships and provide data and evidence support to government departments and organizations working on economic, labour, and social protection policies and programs. We aim to achieve this by strengthening the capacity of organizations already engaged in advocating for women’s rights and gender-sensitive policies to use data and evidence for their work.

With a growing portfolio of projects that apply a gender lens, we see our technical capabilities and work supporting those who deeply understand gender equity and empowerment and are working towards addressing them through data-rich discourse.