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Livelihoods and basic income

We help optimize cash transfer programs by measuring impact and using data-driven insights to improve the efficiency of targeting and transactions.

Our work in livelihoods and basic income

Income support has the potential to improve wellbeing and reduce poverty from one generation to the next. For governments and NGOs to provide support in the most efficient, fair, and high-impact way requires the use of high-quality, context-specific data, analysis, and evaluation.

IDinsight brings state-of-the-art methods to measure the impact of cash transfer and social protection programs.

Responding to client needs, we have tools to measure near-term changes in household consumption and dynamics, as well as medium-term effects.

We help clients improve targeting with insights from data science, and streamline processes by identifying bottlenecks, including on digital platforms. In addition, IDinsight pioneered methods to measure preferences about cash vs. community-level investments.