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Adam Fultz (Morocco)

Senior Associate

Adam Fultz is a Senior Associate at IDinsight, based in Rabat, Morocco.

Adam currently works with the Government of Morocco on the development of a national-scale survey assessing the country’s human development needs and leads the development of a digital platform that will be used by government partners to inform decisions about what types of social projects they should prioritize and where they should undertake them.

Prior to IDinsight, Adam led the data department of the Programme Nationale d’Eradication du Ver de Guinee du Tchad, a collaboration between The Carter Center and the Chad Ministry of Health. He pioneered a new data system that gave the Chadian government real-time access to high-quality data in the field to sharpen their interventions in the fight against Guinea Worm Disease. Prior to Chad, he was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ghana, where he taught science and English at a senior high school.

Adam holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical and biomolecular engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and moonlights as a composer and saxophonist.