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Alexandra Balafrej (Morocco)

Country Director II

Leads IDinsight’s partnerships in Morocco to support data-driven development and greater impact of public policies.

Alexandra Balafrej is the Morocco Country Director at IDinsight, based in Rabat, Morocco.

Alexandra leads IDinsight’s engagements in Morocco through an ambitious embedded learning partnership tackling key development topics such as access to quality preschools, maternal and infant health, youth employment and inclusion of vulnerable populations. In her 20+ years in the sector, Alexandra worked extensively in social and economic development, as well as in democracy and governance processes, advising government and public stakeholders on public policy reforms and socio-economic inclusion of citizens. She worked as Project Director or Technical Advisor with a variety of donors including USAID, MCC, the US Department of Labor, the EU, and UN agencies in Morocco and beyond (Vietnam, Burkina, Senegal, Mauritania, Ukraine).

She holds a Master’s degree in Russian Language and Studies, and a post graduate diploma with majors in International Relations and Finance from Science Po Paris. She speaks French, English, Moroccan Arabic, and Russian.