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Caroline Fiennes

Advisory Board

Caroline founded and directs Giving Evidence, which encourages and enables charitable giving based on sound evidence. She has been at the forefront of promoting evidence-based giving for over a decade. She wrote in the Financial Times for three years advising readers about giving effectively, wrote one of the first books advising donors about how to give well, and is now a Cambridge University Visiting Fellow. Giving Evidence routinely uses existing rigorous evidence, produces new evidence in the gaps, and supports donors to fund the production of more.

A physicist by background, Caroline was an award-winning charity CEO herself, and has advised major donors and foundations across continents on many issues over many years. They include Eurostar, listed companies, professional tennis players, and foundations set up by governments in various countries. Caroline frequently speaks publicly about effective philanthropy (some videos here), has taught at Oxford, Cambridge, and Yale, and worked with UCL, the University of Chicago, and MIT. 

Caroline Fiennes is one of the few people whose work has appeared in both OK! Magazine and the scientific journal Nature