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Dan Levy

Advisory Board

Dan Levy is a Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School where he teaches courses in quantitative methods, policy analysis, and program evaluation. He has been involved in evaluating a range of social programs, including a project aimed at improving transparency and accountability in the delivery of health services in developing countries(T4D), girl-friendly school construction programs in Burkina Faso, and Niger, and a conditional cash transfer program in Jamaica. He oversaw the training component of BCURE, a project to train policymakers in using evidence through a combination of online and in-person sessions.  

He currently serves as the faculty director of the Public Leadership Credential, the Harvard Kennedy School’s flagship online learning initiative. He co-founded Teachly, a web application aimed at helping educators teach more effectively and inclusively. He published two books: “Teaching Effectively with Zoom” and “Maxims for Thinking Analytically”. His teaching has been featured in “Invisible Learning”.