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Hamza Zakraoui

Associate Director and Chief of Staff, West & North Africa

Drives projects for social impact and strategic progress across West and North Africa.

Hamza is the Associate Director and Chief of Staff for West & North Africa region.

In his multifaceted role, Hamza serves as a key liaison with clients, developing and overseeing a diverse portfolio of projects across West and North Africa. He’s dedicated to maximizing the social and strategic impact of our initiatives in the region, driving positive change and progress. Beyond project leadership, Hamza plays a pivotal role in shaping and executing IDinsight’s regional strategy, spearheading efforts to enhance external communications, fortify operational efficiency and financial sustainability.

Prior to joining IDinsight, Hamza honed his expertise in research and institutional leadership, serving as Deputy Head of Redistribution and Pensions Division at the French Ministry of Economics and Finance, as well as representing France at the European Commission. He notably managed and coordinated inter-ministerial task force in charge of the global economic recovery measures in France, in response to Covid-19 Crisis, navigating complex challenges with resilience and innovation.

With a background in finance and economics, Hamza brings a wealth of knowledge from his tenure as a Relationship Manager at HSBC Paris Investment Bank. There, he specialized in facilitating large-scale corporate funding projects in the industrial and energy sectors, along with sovereign debt issuance.

Hamza holds a Bachelor’s degree in Econometrics from Sorbonne University, a Master’s of Research in Public Policy Analysis from Ecole Normale Supérieure and Paris School of Economics, and a Financial Certificate from the French Financial Markets Authority.