Primary School Interventions to Improve Learning Outcomes

Client: The World Bank Group
Hyderabad District Government
Andhra Pradesh, India
IDinsight service:
Scale-up support

The Problem

Student learning outcomes in India are dismal – more than half of 5th grade children are at least 3 grades behind where they should be for reading, and more than half cannot do 2-digit subtraction (see reports from the ASER Centre for more). In partnership with the Ministry of Education in Andhra Pradesh, the Azim Premji Foundation, and the World Bank Group, Karthik Muralidharan and Venkatesh Sundararaman conducted a series of primary education evaluations aimed at improving student learning outcomes. More information about the Andhra Pradesh Randomized Evaluation Studies (APRESt) are available here, and research papers are available here.

IDinsight Service

The APRESt team engaged IDinsight to design implementation modules to build off of their research. IDinsight created modules to make it simple for districts to implement 1) Measurement of student learning outcomes, 2) Remedial education, 3) Contract teachers (Vidya Volunteers) and 4) Performance management of teachers and principals. The modules also highlight the conditions which should be critically examined to determine whether the APRESt findings would apply to a particular context.