Software Tailored To Student Learning

Client: Educational Initiatives
Location: India
Sector: Education
IDinsight service: Impact evaluation

The Problem

Educational Initiatives (EI) is an Ahmedabad, India based company with the goal of ensuring that “every child learns with understanding.”[1] EI offers a number of diagnostic testing products to help schools and governments measure whether they are meeting this goal. EI actively maintains relationships with over 3,000 schools in India and has assessed over 2 million students since its founding in 2001.

Evidence Needs

In addition to diagnostic testing, EI has developed the “Mindspark” adaptive learning program that uses computer software to help students learn math and languages. The software allows students to learn at their learning level, rather than at their grade level. This helps students who have fallen behind their peers learn core skills from earlier grades instead of falling further and further behind. Mindspark is currently used in many computer labs across India and is being piloted in five community based “Mindspark Centers” in New Delhi.

IDinsight Service

Educational Initiatives engaged IDinsight to run two impact evaluations of its “Mindspark” program designed to use technology and small group instruction to provide individually tailored learning.

These include:
1. A retrospective, quasi-experimental impact evaluation using Mindspark’s historical data comparing student testing outcomes in schools that did adopt Mindspark vs. those that did not. This evaluation focused on middle- and upper-income schools in Mindspark’s network.
2. A prospective, student-level, randomized control trial evaluating Mindspark’s impact when delivered to low-income communities through “Mindspark Centers” rather than schools.