Understanding the Effects of Vocational Training on Livelihoods

Client: LabourNet, Acumen
Location: Bangalore, India
Sector: Livelihoods
IDinsight service: Light-touch M&E advisory services

The Problem

IDinsight worked with the Acumen Fund as a part of the “Lean Data Initiative”, a new program to test different technology assisted ways of collecting data for social enterprises.

LabourNet is a Bangalore, India based social enterprise and investee of the Acumen Fund. LabourNet provides vocational training and livelihood services to unskilled and low-skilled workers in India. Through partnerships with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) and prominent Indian companies, LabourNet has developed a range of on-site training program in industries such as construction and retail. Additionally, LabourNet delivers vocational training through livelihood centers in communities across India in workplace skills such as computer literacy and English. In one year alone, LabourNet trained more than 100,000 workers in India.

IDinsight delivered a number of light touch monitoring and evaluation consulting services for LabourNet including survey design, piloting, and sample size calculations for several surveys to measure changes in livelihoods before and after training. IDinsight ran a short evaluation comparing surveys conducted over the phone to surveys conducted using interactive voice response. Both methods were validated using in-person verification and compared in terms of accuracy and affordability for scale-up.

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