Catalyzing Employment for Youth in Kenya

Client: McKinsey
Location: Kenya
Sector: Education
Dates of service: 2017-2018
IDinsight service: Decision-focused evaluations
IDinsight Contact: Christy Lazicky
Status: Active

The Problem

Although approximately 39% of people aged 25 and above are unemployed in Kenya, many employers still cannot find people with the necessary skills for entry-level jobs. Generation Kenya aims to bridge this gap through a job training and placement program. It provides unemployed youth with highly-demanded technical and behavioral skills, and then connects youth with employers after they complete the curriculum. Generation Kenya aims for its students to take better jobs and to exhibit better job performance after program participation.

Generation Kenya, a McKinsey Social Initiative with funding from USAID, wishes to 1) understand the profiles of the youth its program is reaching, 2) determine whether the program is creating value for both employers and students, and 3) figure out how the program might be scaled up through technical and vocational education training institutes (TVETs). Results of the evaluation will be used to improve Generation Kenya and its programming for both students and employer partners.

Evidence Needs

IDinsight Service

IDinsight is employing a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods to address the questions Generation Kenya has. These include conducting qualitative interviews with employers and TVETs, surveying Generational Kenya graduates and their supervisors, and performing observational studies to examine the workplace performances of program graduates.



Project is ongoing.