Championing evidence-based policymaking in Ghana

Client: Ghanaian Ministry of Monitoring & Evaluation
Location: Ghana
Sector: Education; Government services
Dates of service:
IDinsight service: Process evaluation; Capacity building
IDinsight contacts: Paul Wang, Maxwell Oteng
Status: Active

The Problem

The Ghana Learning Partnership is an 18-month embedded engagement with the Ghana Ministry of Monitoring and Evaluation (MoM&E), a new ministry formed in January 2017, to help with evaluation and implementation of government priority programs. IDinsight’s goal is to assist MoM&E in becoming a champion for the use of evidence in policy in Ghana. The initial primary focus of this partnership is the Free Senior High School (FSHS) program.

The FSHS program began in 2017 and affects approximately 480,000 high school students across the country. It has led to a significant increase in student enrollment, which has led to an urgent need to assess and improve program implementation. In response to the increase in enrollment and the resultant infrastructural challenges, the Ghanaian Government initiated a double-track system. This system splits students into two cohorts; each cohort attends school for 81 days per semester. MoM&E wants to know how the FSHS program, specifically the double-track system, is being implemented, and make evidence-based recommendations to the Ministry of Education (MoE) for programmatic improvements.

Evidence Needs

IDinsight Service

IDinsight’s role in this partnership is designed to be flexible, providing tailored tools and activities to any priorities identified by MoM&E and the Ministry of Education (MoE). Our initial activities include conducting a landscape and evidence review of free high school programs, analyzing existing administrative data, and conducting a rapid assessment of the FSHS program to obtain short-term feedback on the double-track system. These activities are designed to supply the FSHS with a constant flow of information to improve the implementation and design of the program.

Besides these FSHS-specific activities, IDinsight works closely with MoM&E on other identified priority programs.  We hope this collaboration will help MoM&E continue to build its institutional capacity to inform policy decisions with evidence and help improve the lives of many Ghanaians.


IDinsight completed the landscape and evidence review and presented it to MoM&E in October 2018. Analyses of existing administrative data are ongoing; we issued the first of our series of short reports on insights generated to MoM&E and MoE in December 2018.