Improving Farmers' Livelihoods through Unconditional Cash Transfers

Client: GiveDirectly
Location: Uganda
Sector: Agriculture, Livelihoods, Cash Transfers
IDinsight service: Data Analytics & Support
IDinsight contacts: Paul Wang, Ignacio del Busto
Status: Complete

The Problem

Development donors often provide aid to communities through intermediaries like NGOs and development programs. However, GiveDirectly aims to reshape international giving by enabling donors to provide communities with unconditional cash transfers (UCTs). UCTs are direct cash infusions without any accompanying requirements. GiveDirectly is piloting a UCT program targeting farmers in Iganga district of Uganda. While coffee is the main cash crop and income source for farmers in the area, they must often sell it at lower prices because they lack the cash and time required to process their coffee. The UCTs are expected to help farmers tap into new income streams and boost assets, income, productivity, and welfare.

GiveDirectly conducted a randomized controlled trial to study the effect of their UCT program on Igangan farmers’ investments and overall welfare. IDinsight served as a support partner and ensured the successful completion of the RCT, maximized data quality, and assisted with data analysis. Results will inform GiveDirectly’s future programming.

Evidence Needs

IDinsight Service

IDinsight provided technical supporting throughout the design and implementation of the randomized controlled trial, including: providing technical recommendations on evaluation design; assisting with the development of various measurement tools; provided data quality checks; and supported GiveDirectly with analysis of their results.


Results Pending