Universalizing Healthcare

Client: Makueni County Ministry of Health Services
Location: Kenya (Makueni County)
Sector: Health
Dates of service: 2018 - 2019
IDinsight service: Program Diagnosis, Preference Elicitation
IDinsight contacts: Alison Connor, Gerishom Gimaiyo, Tabitha Olang
Status: Active

The Problem

Universal Health Coverage is a primary concern for the national and county governments in Kenya.  The national government listed it as a key priority in the country’s current development agenda.  

Makueni County has a poverty rate of 60%. The County was the first in Kenya to roll out a social health insurance scheme (MakueniCare). The scheme aims to improve access to basic health services. While uptake of the program has been increasing since the program’s inception in 2016, it only has a current enrollment rate of 40%, falls far behind in the county’s vision of providing UHC to all its residents.

In order to improve uptake of the service, the government wants to understand what is needed to improve services and the price point for a health benefits package to ensure it is affordable and sustainable for both the residents’ and the county.

These insights will be embedded into a Makueni County policy to anchor the MakueniCare program. The policy will guide the allocation of resources and programmatic activities to ultimately achieve UHC.

Evidence Needs

IDinsight Service

IDinsight designed and will implement a diagnostic study to determine the barriers to enrollments for the Makueni Care program. IDinsight will also conduct a willingness-to-pay study to understand the maximum user fees Makueni residents are willing to pay for the expanded package of services that the county is considering. 

Project is on-going


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