Philippine Business for Education


Client: Philippine Business for Education (PBEd)
Workforce development; Youth unemployment
Dates of service:
January 2019 - 2021
IDinsight service:
Decision-focused evaluation, Process evaluation
IDinsight contact:  Elizabeth Bennett

The Problem

Almost half of all unemployed people in the Philippines are aged between 18-24.

YouthWorks PH aims to help unemployed youth in urban centers find new and better jobs. A five-year workforce development program in the Philippines run by Philippine Business for Education (PBEd), YouthWorks’ model focuses on providing skills training, developing work-based training positions in companies, and facilitating collaboration between government, industry, and academia towards catalyzing a more robust workforce development system.

YouthWorks PH launched its program in 2018 and is currently implementing its pilot year initiatives. IDinsight will support YouthWorks PH to generate high-quality evidence and learning on their work-based training programs. The team will provide YouthWorks PH with actionable evidence to inform the design and scale-up of these training programs, as well as build knowledge of outcomes related to youth NEET (youth not in education, employment, or training).

Evidence Needs

IDinsight Service

IDinsight will conduct a decision-focused evaluation and a process evaluation of YouthWorks PH’s work-based training programs. We will also provide YouthWorks PH with Theory of Change support, advisory on different MEL components, and a landscape review on target sectors and demographics.


The project is ongoing.