Supporting a statewide educational transformation program

Client: Michael and Susan Dell Foundation
Partners: State Government of Himachal Pradesh, Samagra Governance
Location: India
Dates of service: June 2019 - ongoing
IDinsight service: Process evaluation, DFE
IDinsight contacts: Ronald Abraham, Vishan Pattnaik
Status: Ongoing

The Problem

The State Government of Himachal Pradesh (HP) has embarked on a state-wide systematic educational transformation program called “Samarth”. The program aims at improving the quality of education across elementary government schools by increasing accountability for learning outcomes, improving teaching practices and pedagogy, improving the quality of teacher training, and investing in critical education infrastructure. 

Implementation of the Samarth program has been ongoing for 2 years. Currently, there is a need to (1) provide recommendations to improve the design and implementation of key program initiatives in HP, and (2) evaluate the impact of these initiatives to inform efforts to improve the quality of education in other Indian states and countries.

One of these key initiatives is the Review and Monitoring framework recently introduced by the HP State Government to ensure education department officials use data and evidence to make informed decisions on school management. The available data includes high-frequency, decision-relevant data that is gathered from schools through a customized app, annual assessment scores of all students in the public school system, and others.

However, more evidence is needed on the effectiveness of these new systems, and how the design and implementation of the overall R&M framework can be improved to ensure that data is used effectively for decision-making.

Evidence Needs

IDinsight Service

To support the Samarth program, IDinsight is working with the HP State Government and Samagra to provide evidence-based actionable recommendations on changes to education processes across HP. As part of this partnership, IDinsight, together with Samagra and the state government, decides on focus areas in which data and evidence can drive meaningful action to improve student learning outcomes. We have decided to focus on R&M (detailed below) and will determine future focus areas in conversation with our partners.

IDinsight, together with Samagra, is conducting a process evaluation of the R&M framework to support the government in using data effectively for decision-making by (1) mapping how data and evidence is currently used for decision-making in the state, and (2) providing recommendations to improve the use of data and evidence for decision-making.


Project is ongoing.


Project is ongoing.

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