Designing a monitoring system for regional Universal Healthcare delivery in the Philippines

Client: World Health Organization, Philippine Department of Health
Location: Philippines
Sector: Health
Dates of service: June 2019-November 2019
IDinsight service: Monitoring
IDinsight contacts: Meg Battle, Eric Dodge
Status: Active

The Problem

In 2018 the Philippine Senate passed the Universal Healthcare (UHC) Bill—designed to give all Filipinos access to free basic healthcare coverage and consolidate healthcare delivery at the provincial level (rather than at the municipal level, which is currently the standard practice). So far, 33 provinces and cities have opted in to be Advanced Implementation Sites (AIS) for this new approach to delivery.

These sites will serve as models for the consolidation of healthcare delivery under the new UHC system, and will inform the future implementation of UHC on a national scale. Coordination within province and city-wide health systems will take place across three axes: technical (such as clinical standards and practices, referral practices, and province-level planning for new health services), managerial (such as cross-staffing between neighboring hospitals and strategic procurement for the whole province) and financial (pooled financial resources at a city or provincial level).

The World Health Organization has contracted IDinsight to provide technical support to the AIS program during the initial stage of province- and city-wide health systems integration. IDinsight will design a monitoring system to help the Philippines Department of Health and leaders at each region and site monitor progress toward the implementation of the integrated delivery model.

Evidence Needs

IDinsight Service

IDinsight will work closely with the AIS Project Management Team to design a monitoring framework and corresponding data collection and analysis system that will allow stakeholders to track UHC implementation in each of the Advanced Implementation Sites, as well as monitor technical, financial and managerial indicators. In addition, IDinsight will design a series of nimble evaluations that will be used by the Department of Health to test and refine the monitoring system once it is rolled out in 2020. 


Project is ongoing.


Project is ongoing.