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Advancing gender equity with data: DataDelta’s approach to gender equity

3 May 2024

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DataDelta’s Approach to Gender Equity
Gender equity and the empowerment of women and girls are both moral imperatives and are integral to achieving sustainable development worldwide. Central to this mission is the need for accurate gender data – data that is precise and representative of all groups, including women and girls, and that allows us to see the differential experiences of people across genders.

These data serve as the cornerstone for informed decision-making, policy formulation, and targeted interventions to advance gender equity.

What sets DataDelta apart

IDinsight’s DataDelta delivers large-scale, high-quality, representative survey data and insights to government and social sector leaders when they need it, enabling more informed decisions to improve people’s lives. DataDelta uses innovations in statistical methodology, data collection operations, and data science to make it easier and faster to collect high-quality data directly from people, including underrepresented subgroups in the population.

We believe data is ultimately about voice, equity, and justice – revealing truths that are too often hidden. This is the specific information – collected from people themselves – that reveals inequities, enables the design and targeting of social programs, and can validate other sources, like machine learning models, remote sensing data, and government administrative data. We focus on technical data quality and excellent field practices to protect the integrity and truth of what respondents tell us through DataDelta surveys.

Read the full statement to know how DataDelta is actioning its commitment to gender equity.