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Request for Partners: What works for more respectful development?

16 May 2024

IDinsight is looking for partners to quantitatively study Dignity-focused program interventions.

Request for Partners - 298 KB

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Executive Summary

IDinsight’s Dignity Initiative, is excited to announce a Request for Partners RFP for an innovative and transformative project. We are seeking a values-aligned, data-driven, and dynamic implementation partner to join us on a pioneering journey to uphold and integrate the concept of dignity within the global development sector.

The concept of dignity in development recognizes the intrinsic value of every person and the importance of respecting and upholding this value in development work. Respecting dignity therefore involves moving beyond traditional metrics of success to include the well-being and self-worth of individuals and communities as key indicators of progress. This approach suggests that when interventions are designed with dignity at their core, they are more likely to be sustainable, effective, and transformative.

This partnership will focus on conducting a pivotal quantitative study to understand what interventions and tools can further advance the upholding of dignity in the development sector. Through this partnership, the Dignity Initiative aims to conduct a Randomized Controlled Trial RCT to evaluate the effectiveness of various dignity interventions and tools. We are looking for a partner who is passionate about the power of dignity in development, brings expertise in implementing field-level operations, and is striving to become a thought leader in the sector.

Together, we will design and pilot effective interventions and generate rigorous evidence to improve the dignity approach both within our organizations and externally. These learnings we develop collectively will further lay the groundwork for a global movement that advocates for a dignified approach to development. We are committed to fostering a collaborative environment where ongoing communication and mutual respect will be the cornerstones of our partnership as equals. We invite expressions of interest from organizations ready to embark on this transformative journey with us. Together, let’s shape a development sector that truly honors the dignity of every individual.

Parter with us to quantitatively study Dignity-focused program interventions by reviewing and responding to the RFP here.