Outlining IDinsight's Innovation Team and Services

IDinsight was founded because many reports and activities in international development fail to improve real lives. Over the course of the past few years, we’ve had many successes and many challenges in learning how we can continually refine our work and strategy to maximize social impact. The nature of this work and our commitment to impact, has led to IDinsight developing an in-house innovation team. In addition to helping our clients to use data and evidence to uncover ways of increasing their social impact, our innovation team is developing and scaling new data tools and services. The innovation team helps project teams research and develop new tools & approaches to help IDinsight with our overall goal of generating positive social impact around the world. As an organization, IDinsight is full of innovators and the Innovation team’s role is to be an accelerator – and never a barrier – to impact-driven experimentation.

You can learn about the services IDinsight provides on our Services page and below you can find an brief summary of the work our Innovation team is doing at IDinsight.

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