Improving Livelihoods of Smallholder Farmers

Client: One Acre Fund
Uganda, Zambia
Agriculture, livelihoods
IDinsight service:
Light-touch M&E advisory

The Problem

One Acre Fund seeks to tackle rural poverty among smallholder farmers. It currently operates in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, and Tanzania.

Evidence Needs

One Acre Fund seeks to reduce poverty among smallholder farmers by providing a comprehensive package of inputs and services designed to increase their incomes. This package includes farm input loans, provision of seed and fertilizer, agronomic training, and market facilitation.

IDinsight Service

IDinsight provides ongoing advice to One Acre Fund on their social impact measurement approach.  We have produced a series of reports advising One Acre Fund on how to assess quasi-experimental impact evaluation methodologies, estimate the opportunity cost of rural labor, account for time value of money in farmer profit estimates, and design questionnaires to assess rural household expenditure and quality of life.