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Data science and engineering

We build and deploy tailored AI solutions to some of the biggest challenges in the social sector.

25 February 2021
IDinsight uses data science to support decision-makers to better predict, optimize, or model important program outcomes to amplify social impact.

About our data science work

Who we are

Over the last five years, IDinsight’s Data Science Engineering and Monitoring team has helped social sector partners use AI solutions to address their challenges. Our 24-person team includes data scientists, data engineers, full stack developers, data visualization specialists, and product managers – the majority based in countries where we have offices

Our teams work closely with IDinsight’s sectoral experts to support partners within non-profits, government, philanthropy, and international agencies in designing and deploying AI solutions. We help identify how AI can enhance their operations, increase their impact, and improve their resource allocation. We build solutions tailored to their needs using best-in-class methods and tools.


How we work with partners

IDinsight’s data science team provides integrated end-to-end solutions for our partners looking to improve their efficiency and impact. We can support the full data journey: data collection → data systems design -> deployment of cutting-edge algorithms -> evaluations of deployed solutions.

We collaborate closely with our partners to deeply understand their current processes and systems and map out data science applications that can integrate into their day-to-day operations. If we don’t think a data science solution is the best approach, we will say so and offer alternative options.

All solutions we build for our partners are tested for both bias and performance with careful documentation of our code so that solutions can be maintained and expanded upon by IDinsight, our partners, and any future collaborators.


Data science applications

Students in Jahazpur, Rajasthan, settle in for lunch during the Educate Girls development impact bond evaluation. (Photo by Ryan Fauber)

Increase the impact and reach of services that are direct-to-people

(External – Program Implementation)

  • Targeting program recipients (machine learning) (example)
  • Providing text responses to common questions (LLMs + Generative AI) (example)
  • Matching program recipients to services (machine learning) (example)

Use resources optimally for high-impact

(Internal – Programmatic and budgetary decision-making)

  • Optimizing resources within a set of constraints (example)
  • Solving problems around routing, task assignment, resource allocation, and more.

Respond effectively to emerging challenges 

(Internal – Program planning and policy-making)

  • Predicting economic or health trends
  • Gauging the risk of current trends


Innovations and products

The IDinsight Data Science Engineering and Monitoring team is focused on building, evolving, and deploying products that others in the social sector can use and advance. We think of products as trying to solve a generalized problem for users. We take an iterative approach to product development, where products are continuously improved based on user feedback and data.

Improve your team’s operating efficiency

ChatGPT for Knowledge Management – KMGPT
  • Enables teams to quickly find information from company databases – for example, employee policies or an up-to-date PowerPoint deck. Knowledge Management GPT aims to improve the efficiency of employees by helping them find the information they need when they need it. We think various users stand to benefit, including partners in government, non-profits, international agencies, and foundations.
  • Current status: Actively being used in projects.
Ask A Question
  • Ask a Question helps people quickly access reliable and timely information from service providers (i.e. government and NGOs) in their home language. Integrated with WhatsApp, it can improve the productivity of frontline staff, expand access to information through new channels, reduce misinformation, and facilitate timely access to information. 
  • Current status: Version 1.0 is available.

Streamline program evaluation and data collection processes

  • IDinsight is working to reduce the operations time spent on setting up and running large-scale surveys. SurveyStream ensures data integrity through automated audio and spot checks and real-time feedback loops. It also supports efficient program management.
  • Current status: Actively used in projects.
Satellite imagery
  • Using algorithms to analyze satellite imagery to identify high-risk populations ahead of large-scale surveys. Read more about MOSAIKS
  • Current status: Actively used in projects.

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