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Education and training

We combine global evidence and local data to strengthen education and training programs with public, NGO, and low-cost private education providers.

Our work in education

Primary and secondary schooling and labor force training can break the cycle of poverty; they account for major commitments by governments, NGOs, and donors. Achieving returns on investments in education and training demands focus on what works in specific contexts, and how gains in access and quality of instruction can lead to improvements in learning and employment.

IDinsight has deep expertise in education and training programs in public, NGO, and low-cost private sectors, including those using education technology. We work with clients to combine global evidence and local data for program design and implementation to strengthen learning.

We bring state-of-the-art methods to measure the net impact of education and training programs on learning and employment, typically using experimental or quasi-experimental methods.

We also have tools to estimate cost-effectiveness, and support scale-up within or outside of the public sector.