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We provide a variety of support services to help clients use data and rigorous evidence to inform their decision-making.

Understanding when, where, and how to use data is challenging.

IDinsight is on-site with our clients to translate data into actionable insights. We provide rigorous evidence to improve social sector programs and help clients understand how to use data to inform decisions large and small, within time, budget, operational, and political constraints.

Our teams begin with a careful diagnosis of a client’s most pressing questions and challenges. We then pull from a variety of rigorous approaches to tailor our services to each client.

How we support:

Understand community needs

We collect and analyze data about people's living conditions, needs, knowledge, and attitudes to help design responsive services.

Design high-impact, evidence-based programs

We define the path to impact for new or existing programs using academic and practitioner knowledge and human-centered design.

Optimize program implementation

Our embedded teams identify and reduce bottlenecks, obtaining meaningful insights from administrative and survey data.

Evaluate program impact and prepare for scale-up

We design and conduct rigorous impact evaluations to understand a program's real-world effectiveness, often ahead of scale-up.

Target resources

We help decision-makers optimize scarce public funds to achieve the greatest impact from their budget allocations.

Uphold the dignity of citizens

We help you hear citizens’ voices and design respectful, effective services with strong evidence that meet their aspirations.

How we work

Every IDinsight engagement is anchored to three principles:

  • Impact: What is the probability that this work will improve lives?
  • Demand: What are the client’s highest priority questions?
  • Causality: What else could have/would have happened in the absence of this program?

We have expertise in a variety of rigorous approaches and methodologies, which we tailor to each client.

Read about how we measure our own impact.

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