Data Sharing, Monitoring, and Evaluation System for the Akanksha Foundation

Client: The Akanksha Foundation
Location: India
Sector: Education
Dates of service: April 2016 – April 2017
IDinsight services: Designing and rolling out a foundation-level monitoring and evaluation framework along with data monitoring dashboards across its schools
IDinsight contacts: Kate Sturla

The Problem

The Akanksha Foundation (Akanksha) is a Mumbai-based organization leading India’s first charter school network. Akanksha currently operates after-school centers and schools in low-income communities across Mumbai and Pune, with the hope for these to become model schools across those cities.

Evidence Needs

Akanksha was phasing out its after-school centers in order to focus entirely on their model school programs. To gain a deeper understanding of the quality and impact of these school programs, they were looking to develop an internal data sharing and monitoring system across all twenty schools[1] and within the foundation.

IDinsight Service

IDinsight designed and supported the implementation of a monitoring and evaluation framework to increase the informed use of data within the organization and across its schools. Included in this framework were the creation of data sharing and monitoring dashboards.

[1] Each Akanksha school operates differently depending on location. For example, due to Bombay’s high population density, some Akanksha schools share building space with other government schools, while others shift operations between morning and afternoon. Akanksha schools also instruct in English (differing from government schools