Creating monitoring systems for child and maternal welfare pilot programs

Funder: Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
Health, Social Protection 
Dates of service:
January 2019 - December 2019
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Eric Dodge

The Problem

IDinsight is providing support for the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation (CIFF) as it seeks to implement a new model of program monitoring for its grantees. Three separate implementing partners, IPE Global, Population Fund of India, and Freedom Fund, working under CIFF's Matrix of Change for Children initiative, are undertaking pilot programs aimed at improving child and maternal welfare in several districts across India. The initiatives include increased access to maternal and child healthcare, adolescent sexual health education, and child protection services. CIFF’s goal is to use the results of these pilots to publicize the benefits of increased spending on childhood development programs and shape future policy decisions of government actors. A key component of this approach is to use data to track the progress of the pilot programs as well as to effectively communicate results to the government and other influencers.

IDinsight is helping CIFF’s implementing partners collect better data by developing monitoring systems that can track the implementation of their program components and effectively measure their targeted outputs. The monitoring systems created by IDinsight will ultimately help improve implementation of CIFF Matrix programs, provide preliminary information on social impact, and serve as a core tool for generating buy-in from governments and other stakeholders.

Evidence Needs

IDinsight Service

IDinsight will be supporting CIFF’s implementing partners in three main areas. First, we will provide input on each implementing partner’s proposed set of indicators related to program inputs and outcomes, and help design forms to collect this data. Second, we will be setting up a pipeline to automatically process the collected data and create data quality check reports to help the implementing partners check for issues. Finally, we will be setting up interactive dashboards visualizing these indicators, to be used by the implementing partners and CIFF to track the progress and impact of the pilots over time. These efforts will create a more accurate and responsive data monitoring system that will enable the implementing partners to be more adaptive over the course of the pilots and communicate their results to CIFF and other stakeholders in an effective way.


Project is ongoing.


Project is ongoing.