Providing Advisory Services for the Sanitation Connection Action Plan in Lusaka, Zambia

FO Derrick And Interviewee during Phase 1 qual interviews in Mtendere, Lusaka, Zambia 20170915.jpg

Client: Millenium Challenge Account Zambia (MCA-Z)
Location: Zambia
Sector: WASH
Dates of service: April 2017 - June 2018
IDinsight service: Decision-Focused Evaluation
IDinsight contacts: Kevin Kelsey, Paul Wang, Ignacio del Busto
Status: Completed

The Problem

The water and sewer network expansion in Mtendere, a peri-urban area in Lusaka, Zambia, is intended to decrease the incidence of water-related diseases for over 22,000 households, generate time savings, and protect groundwater resources (Mtendere sits on boreholes accounting for 11% of Lusaka’s water supply). Once the sewer network is installed, 80% of properties in the neighborhood will need to connect to the network (i.e. build a flushing toilet and connect it to the water and sewer network) for the system to be operational.

IDinsight was hired to conduct formative research for the Sanitation Connection Action Plan (SCAP), part of the larger Lusaka Water Supply and Drainage Compact with the Zambian government funded through the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC). SCAP encourages sewer network connections for the expansion of the sewer network into Mtendere.

Evidence Needs

IDinsight Service

IDinsight collected data to inform decisions on a variety of interventions (such as a sanitation marketing and information campaigns, financing schemes and incentives, and legal enforcement) aimed at getting property owners to connect to the network.


IDinsight summarized its findings in a consolidated formative research report. The purpose of the report was to ensure the sustainability of SCAP activities after MCC’s Compact concluded, and to provide recommendations for other WASH actors in Lusaka. The sewer network completion date has been delayed and IDinsight's involvement in the project is completed.