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Impact Measurement Guide

Empowering nonprofits to independently use data to learn, improve, and have a greater impact.

Coming soon: A public good to help non-profits amplify their social impact 


Using evidence effectively helps nonprofits run better programs – which leads to improved lives. Over the past 10 years at IDinsight, we have curated a set of tools that adapt rigorous methodologies to help nonprofits and social enterprises answer their most pressing questions: How do I set my program up for success? How will I  know if things get off track? We now seek to make these resources accessible to a broader audience. To this end, we are developing the Impact Measurement Guide: a freely available interactive web application that supports nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations in using evidence.  

OUR GOAL: Make it radically easier and cheaper for nonprofits to use evidence

Through the Impact Measurement Guide, nonprofits can: 

  • Frame questions that can be answered using data 
  • Learn about methods they can use to generate the evidence they need 
  • Use simple and powerful do-it-yourself tools to implement the method of their choice  

THE OPPORTUNITY: Nonprofits need better evidence resources

Nonprofits are responsible for delivering essential services to many of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people. This is critical work, and these organizations need evidence to optimize program design, improve implementation, and maximize impact.  

However, existing resources do not speak to their needs and constraints. Our user research found that smaller nonprofits are unsure of which evidence-generating method to use, are unaware of resources to guide them,  and/or find such resources laborious to use or unsuited to their needs. Outsourcing evidence generation is usually not viable due to tight budgets. 

The Impact Measurement Guide provides an accessible and credible resource that meets nonprofits where they are

We provide a free and comprehensive resource that supports small and medium nonprofits along the entire evidence journey from program inception to scale.  

We are developing a feature-rich, interactive web application for the launched version of the Impact Measurement Guide.

The Impact Measurement Guide will include:  

  • A one-stop resource for the entire evidence journey 
  • Interactive do-it-yourself resources for developing a theory of change, selecting indicators, and creating a  monitoring system 
  • Integrated features to minimize downloads & inputs 
  • “Set and forget” reminders to check back in at key points to facilitate long-term planning Light-touch advisory services provided by IDinsight, to provide reviews and validation at key junctures, as  well as to troubleshoot issues 

Our goal is to have a successful version of the Impact Measurement Guide adopted by thousands of organizations and impact millions of lives over the next five years.

Impact Measurement Guide by IDinsight