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IDinsight announces partnership with Women for Women International

29 March 2024

The collaboration will focus on enhancing women’s empowerment and community development in conflict-affected regions.

©Women for Women International

Dakar, SenegalIDinsight announces its new engagement with Women for Women International (WfWI) to bring data and evidence tools in support of its efforts to empower women in conflict-affected regions and communities. With support from Cartier Philanthropy, IDinsight will be supporting WfWI’s Theory of Change (ToC) refinement to create an M&E framework that will measure changes in behavior, beliefs, and social norms at the community level. 

Evidence Needs

Recognizing the importance of community-level impact in its endeavors, WfWI has sought the expertise of IDinsight to strengthen its M&E framework. The aim is to understand and measure the effects of its programs on women’s socio-economic well-being within their communities as well as their empowerment.

Through its flagship program, Stronger Women Strong Nations, WfWI empowers women by providing vocational education, financial assistance, savings initiatives, and networking opportunities, fostering self-sufficiency and community resilience. Complementing this, the Change Agent Program trains women advocates within communities to champion socio-economic empowerment, with a concerted effort to engage men as allies in the pursuit of gender equality.

Over a 12-week engagement period, IDinsight will undertake the following key activities:

  • Development of Theory of Change: Crafting a visual and narrative ToC elucidating the operational pathways crucial for effecting community-level change.
  • Identification of Outcome Areas and Indicators: Delving into key outcome areas and learning questions to pinpoint indicators that accurately capture community-level impact.
  • Measurement Plan Development: Formulating a robust measurement plan tailored to track and evaluate key indicators of community-level change.

This endeavor is part of IDinsight’s ongoing collaboration with Cartier Philanthropy, aimed at bolstering data-driven decision-making among select grantees. Following successful partnerships with organizations like Fresh Life and Fonkoze, the collaboration with WfWI underscores a shared commitment to leveraging evidence for greater social impact.

“The M&E engagement between IDinsight and Women for Women International is part of IDinsight’s agenda to advance evidence-based approaches to women’s empowerment and community development in conflict-affected regions. Through this partnership, both organizations are poised to catalyze lasting change, amplifying the voices and agency of women worldwide.” – Estelle Plat, Interim Co-regional Director, IDinsight 

“WfWI is thrilled to partner with IDinsight to formalize its strategy for measuring outsized impact at the community level. With IDinsight’s expertise in analytics and measurement, and WfWI’s deep programming experience with conflict-affected women, this collaboration cements both organizations’ commitment to advancing women’s outcomes using evidence.” – Sabreen Alikhan, Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning, WfWI

About Women For Women

Women for Women International, a global development and non-government organization, invests where inequality is greatest by helping women who are forgotten — women survivors of war and conflict. Their vision is to create a world in which all women determine the course of their lives and reach their full potential.  

Their core belief is thatstrong womenbuild stronger nations. Women in their programs learn skills to rebuild their families and communities. They form support networks, learn to earn an income and save and gain knowledge and resources about health and their rights.  

Since 1993, WfWI’s global community has invested in the power of over 550,000 women in 17 conflict-affected countries to use their voice and create a ripple effect to make the world more equal, peaceful, and prosperous. To learn more about the power of women, for women, visit