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2023 Associate & Senior Associate Global Drive

Kick-start your career now with IDinsight's impact-focused team as an Associate or Senior Associate in 2023.

About the Associate & Senior Associate role

IDinsight Associates and Senior Associates are high-performing early-career professionals passionate to experience the front-line realities of evidence-informed decision-making. These roles provide a rich, varied experience with responsibilities ranging from in-depth research and analysis, data collection management, client interactions, and internal team building.  We seek intellectually curious, resilient, and team-oriented individuals who – in addition to developing professional and technical skills – are highly motivated to grapple with the difficulties and unpredictability of trying to improve lives at scale.


Review our 2023 info session recordings!

If you’d like to learn about the 2023 Associate & Senior Associate Global Hiring Drive, review the recordings from our info sessions as follows:

  1. Global – 2023 Associate and Senior Associate info session (Passcode: bQ8i@FAD)
  2. East & Southern Africa2023 Associate and Senior Associate info session (Passcode: ^V@1r#cV)
  3. West & North Africa (French)2023 Associate and Senior Associate info session (Passcode: KG2.FNc^)
  4. West & North Africa (English)2023 Associate and Senior Associate info session (Passcode: F9k.%DR?)
  5. India2023 Associate and Senior Associate info session (Passcode: 4qgE#?nq)
  6. SEA – 2023 Associate and Senior Associate info session (Passcode: 6!d^w1P+)

Check out these videos to learn more!

Spotlight on our West Africa and India teams

Enjoy this compilation of photos and videos from our West Africa and India teams. We hope this gives you an inside look as to what it’s like working for IDinsight! Please note, a majority of photos and videos shared in this video were taken prior to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learn more about Krishna Ramesh’s experience

Krishna joined IDinsight as an Associate in 2017 and has had the opportunity to work as an Associate and Senior Associate in Zambia, Ghana, and Zimbabwe before becoming IDinsight Africa’s Chief of Staff in 2020. Now, he’s a Senior Manager in our Zambia office and leads a cross-sectoral portfolio of projects, supporting policymakers in using evidence to maximize program impact.

How data made the difference in 2020

Hear from IDinsighters about how data made a difference in addressing complex policy and program decisions worldwide. Read more about our work in 2020 and the reflections of IDinsight CEO, Ruth Levine, here.

Seeking a just society: Addressing power asymmetries in research

IDinsight Board member, Dr. Ṣẹ̀yẹ Abímbọ́lá, led IDinsight in an organization-wide discussion based on his paper “Addressing Power Asymmetries in Global Health: Imperative in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic” at our internal Global Summit in June 2021. This video features an interview between Dr. Abímbọ́lá and Tony Senanayake, a manager on our India team, was shared at the start of the session before a live Q&A.