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IDinsight seeks dynamic leaders who are passionate about having large-scale social impact. Our people are driven to work with low-income and marginalized communities, demonstrate exceptional analytical and interpersonal skills, and thrive in low and middle-income country settings. Almost all positions are based in the low and middle-income countries where our clients are, and require a two-year minimum commitment.

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Please review this guide for an insight into our office locations. If you’re invited to a first round client-facing interview, these resources will help you prepare. For additional inquiries regarding careers at IDinsight, please contact

Team Spotlight



IDinsight is very proud of its alumni and where they’re headed next in their professional careers. You can find IDinsight alumni across the world including:

Academic Programs

  • Duke University, Public Policy Program (PhD)

  • Harvard Business School (MBA)

  • Harvard Kennedy School (MPA/ID)

  • Harvard Law School (JD)

  • London School of Economics

  • MIT Sloan School of Management (MBA)

  • Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School (MPA)

  • University of California, Berkeley (PhD)

  • University of California, San Francisco (MD)

  • Yale Law School (JD)



  • Bain & Company, South Africa

  • BURN Stoves, Kenya

  • Gulu Agricultural Development Company, Uganda

  • International Growth Centre, Rwanda

  • Latitude Trade Company, Uganda

  • Lyft, USA

  • McKinsey Ethiopia, Nigeria

  • Microsoft Research

  • One Acre Fund, Kenya

  • SocialCops, India

  • 17 Triggers, Cambodia

Banner Photo: The IDinsight team strikes a pose at our 2016 global summit. Credit: idinsight

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