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International agencies

We work with international agencies to ensure their agendas and operations are founded on the best available data and evidence.

How we support

International agencies, from multilateral development banks to specialized agencies of the United Nations to regional bodies, are increasingly called upon to base their work on the most robust evidence, and to demonstrate the impact of investments.

We draw on a full toolkit of state-of-the-art methods to address the unique challenges international agencies face across their broad scopes.

With a global reputation for quality and a team that has both sectoral and methodological expertise, we support agencies to design, develop, and implement programs, optimize approaches so they are primed for government scale-up, incorporate monitoring systems into their operations, and assess the efficacy of their existing initiatives.

Moreover, we are prepared to support a data and evidence agenda with international agencies’ NGO and government partners, with services ranging from decision-focused impact evaluations to monitoring systems to capacity-building around evidence use.

Partner with us

Get in touch with one of our experts to see how data and evidence can strengthen your impact.

Selected international agencies:

World Food Programme (WFP)