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IDinsight partners with the Institut National de Statistique et d’Économie Appliquée (INSEA)

1 December 2023

This partnership will enable INSEA students to prepare for a future in evidence-informed decision-making, using the IDinsight’s approach and methodology.

Mohamed Jawad Kacimi, INSEA Director (fourth from left) and Essaid Azzouzi, IDinsight Country Director, Morocco (fifth from left) at the signing of the IDinsight-INSEA agreement.

Rabat,  November – IDinsight announces a new partnership with the Institut National de Statistique et d’Économie Appliquée (INSEA). This partnership, signed on October 13 reflects IDinsight’s efforts to train the next generation of policy leaders in Morocco, equipping them with the skills to collect, interpret, and apply data and evidence to strengthen social policies and programs. 

Through this partnership, IDinsight will enrich the engineering curriculum with hands-on training for students in the program. IDinsight Morocco and INSEA will jointly orchestrate continuing education sessions that include a focus on: quantitative analysis, impact evaluation, as well as scientific and technical statistical events.

IDinsight Morocco will contribute to refining the curriculum of public policy classes at INSEA, tailoring them to meet the specific requirements of the quantitative analysis and impact evaluation field and equip students for social sector careers. This involvement includes facilitating seminars and specialized courses designed for the benefit of INSEA engineering students and doctoral candidates with an interest in this sector.

This partnership will equip young professionals to support data and evidence in policymaking and deepen the applied research ecosystem in Morocco and across West and North Africa.

Established in 1961, INSEA is one of Morocco’s oldest and most esteemed academic institutions, specializing in the fields of statistics and economic analysis. The institute operates under the supervision of the Haut-Commissariat au Plan, the nation’s entity responsible for producing official statistics.

INSEA holds a distinguished status among Morocco’s foremost higher education establishments. Graduates of INSEA emerge equipped with a multifaceted skill set, enabling them not only to engage in economic analysis and forecasting but also to navigate information systems engineering and statistical expertise. 

“The signing of the IDinsight-INSEA agreement is one of the most important milestones in achieving our strategic objective of anchoring our organization to its Moroccan environment, and in particular to academia. INSEA students will develop a pool of skills that will equip organizations operating in the social sector with applied data and evidence expertise.” – Essaid Azzouzi, IDinsight Country Director, Morocco

“This agreement between INSEA and IDinsight represents a decisive step in the institute’s policy of expansion. The new development strategy has dedicated significant importance to synergy with valuable partners such as IDinsight. – Mohamed Jawad Kacimi, INSEA Director