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Call for partners – IDinsight Dignity Initiative Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT)

16 May 2024

16th May 2023 – IDinsight’s Dignity initiative is inviting implementing social sector organizations to partner with us to quantitatively study Dignity-focused program interventions. We are seeking a values-aligned, data-driven, and dynamic partner interested in applying a dignity lens to its work and evaluating against a dignity framework. The learnings we develop collectively will help lay the groundwork for a global movement that advocates for an evidence-based, dignified approach to development. The full RFP is here.

This partnership will focus on conducting pivotal research to understand what dignity interventions and tools can further advance the integration of dignity in the development sector. To do this, the Dignity Initiative aims to conduct a Randomized Controlled Trial (RCT) to evaluate the effectiveness of various dignity interventions and tools. We are looking for a partner who is committed to upholding dignity in their work, brings expertise in implementing field-level operations, and wants to elevate its influence via thought leadership. 

The central research question that will guide the study design, data collection, and analysis for this RCT is:

“Does a package of dignity-focused interventions lead to an increase in felt respect for dignity of the program participants?”

To answer this question we will explore a few components:

  • Measurement of changes in self-reported levels of felt respect for dignity among the intervention group versus a control group.
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of how dignity impacts other dimensions of well-being including the benefits to individuals, the program and society.
  • Gain deeper understanding of particular aspects of the interventions that are most effective at enhancing dignity.

The implementation partner will be expected to:

  • Participate in the selection of a package of dignity interventions from the possible intervention list that is feasible to be implemented in their own programs.
  • Collaborate with IDinsight in finalizing the intervention designs and ensuring they are culturally and contextually appropriate, including through small scale pilots if required.
  • Participate in developing and managing a detailed project plan, including timelines, milestones, and resource allocation.
  • Recruit and/or train program field staff to deliver the interventions, ensuring adherence to ethical standards and research protocols.
  • Implement the interventions according to the agreed-upon methodology, maintaining high fidelity to the intervention design.
  • Develop a regular progress report mechanism with IDinsight to keep track of challenges encountered and adjustments made.
  • Support the data collection and analysis of the data and the dissemination of findings.

Read the full RFP here.

While we expect the implementation partner to continue to cover its cost of core program implementation (related to on-the-ground activities, personnel, materials, and other direct costs related to the core program), IDinsight is committed to providing support towards the financial requirements regarding the implementation of the dignity-related interventions of up to a limit of $50,000.

All proposals must be submitted by 30th June 2024 to the official Dignity initiative email address – Submissions should be in PDF format and sent via email with the subject line “Dignity Initiative RCT Implementation Partner Proposal.”

Organizations meeting the desired qualifications are encouraged to submit expressions of interest and applications. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the IDinsight Dignity Initiative via this form

About the Dignity Initiative

Dignity is “a trait universal to all humans, which is inalienable, inherent, and unearned. Recognizing a person’s dignity requires us to treat them in a way that respects their dignity.” (Wein, Lanthorn & Fischer, 2022). Research shows that around the world, there are three common pathways for being more respectful of people’s dignity: increased representation, ensuring agency, and reduced inequality (Wein, 2021). Informed by this understanding, the Dignity Initiative at IDinsight aims to uphold people’s dignity in global development and international aid. The Initiative provides tools, advice, and new research to support leaders to build programs, services, and funding streams that affirm the dignity of those they seek to serve.

About IDinsight

IDinsight is a mission-driven global advisory, data analytics, and research organization that helps global development leaders maximize their social impact. We tailor a wide range of data and evidence tools, including randomized evaluations and machine learning, to help decision-makers design effective programs and rigorously test what works to support communities. We work with governments, multilateral agencies, foundations, and innovative non-profit organizations in Asia and Africa. We work across a wide range of sectors, including agriculture, education, health, governance, sanitation, and financial inclusion. We have team members who are remote and have offices in Dakar, Lusaka, Manila, Nairobi, New Delhi, and Rabat.